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Growing Leaders

Developing organisations where people are engaged, fulfilled and deliver results that exceed stakeholders’ expectations.

We help leaders meet these challenges:

Leadership Capability

Growing the capability of individuals to perform leadership roles with greater responsibility.

Building New Teams

Accelerate development to achieve and sustain high performance by building on individual and collective strengths.

Post Merger Integration

To fully integrate the capabilities and strengths of people to realise the potential of the new organisation.

Leadership Team Performance

Transform how the team work together to lead change and build a reputation for success.     

Employee Engagement

Creating and sustaining the conditions in which employees across the company are enthusiastic, fully committed and take pride in their work.

Let the results speak for themselves!

Here's what happens when we help leaders and teams grow. 

Employee Engagement Increased


1% above global high performance norm

Net Promoter Scores doubled to


the industry average

Revenue Growth


over a two year period

Increased Company Valuation


with sustained employee engagement

Corporate Business Team Achievement Success Concept

Here's how we work with Leaders and Teams

We bring deep expertise in leadership development combined with over 20 years commercial experience in complex, global organisations as senior executives, management consultants and leadership coaches.

Our aim is for leaders and their teams to grow their capabilities to contribute to the success of their organisations and enhance fulfilment and wellbeing for themselves and colleagues.

We coach them to Look out and Look in, for example, individual leaders looking in to their own values and motivation, then looking out to consider how these influence their behaviour and impact. For teams, looking in at their culture then looking out at how they interact with other colleagues and stakeholders to achieve results.

Who we've worked with


And what they say about the benefits of working with us

"Working with Business Momentum enabled us to combine talents from different companies with their own distinctive cultures into a cohesive and highly effective organisation."

- Steve McCaffery, President, International Business Operations, Arris

"I became much more aware of my impact on my team, on the wider organisation and was much better equipped to lead a business through challenging times."

Managing Director, UK, Global Tech Business

"I gained a deeper appreciation of my own strengths and weaknesses and developed new leadership capabilities. The benefits have been evident, for the businesses in which I have worked, the people I have worked with and for me personally."

Head of Corporate Finance - KPMG

"The sessions have been very useful. I believe  we have grown as a team and significantly established our identity and developed our purpose."

Vice President - Oracle

"Working with John Drysdale, as a coach, was both memorable and inspirational. He drew on a very rich source of influences within the world of business and beyond, helping me to make meaning from my experience and gain powerful insights. My work with John made a major contribution to my development as a business leader."

Director Client Development, Willis Towers Watson

"Having moved to a new international role, my coach helped me to pull together my organisation, the people and strategy that fitted the business need."

HR Director - ING Group

"Colleagues commented that they experienced me as a lot more measured in my approach, without losing any of the decisiveness critical to success in this environment."

Senior Vice President EMEA, Software Provider

"I focus on those issues with the potential to have the greatest impact on my effectiveness as a leader and to develop practical approaches to deal with them successfully."

Exco Member, BTG

"The rigour of John Drysdale's approach as a facilitator and his flexibility to adapt and respond to team dynamics as they evolved in front of him, was hugely influential in shaping our future success."

Senior Vice President - Global Financial Services

Who we are

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Pru Botham

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