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Covid19 Pandemic Makes Responsible Leadership the Business Imperative

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I’ve been thinking recently about business, asking what is its place now in society, what priority should it have? I was concerned that the government, initially, when confronted by the pandemic threat, prioritised the economy over people’s lives. Yet as I reflect on many businesses’ contributions to society over recent decades, it’s remarkable how they have made technology widely available to enhance all aspects of our lives, from health to entertainment.

Potential for positive change

In the face of the Covid19 crisis, business has the greatest potential for bringing about positive change in societies: creating new jobs and training people in the new skills they will need; providing the dignity of fulfilling employment; innovating to enhance our lives, cures for disease, improving health, enabling us to use technology to live life to the full and realise our potential.

Serving all their stakeholders

Business can be the most potent enabler but only if companies are led responsibly in a way that serves all their stakeholders, including: Communities they serve and are supported by; Employees; Customers; Suppliers; Shareholders, and of course, our Environment. This is the challenge for business leaders as we move through this crisis and beyond.

John Drysdale

John Drysdale

John is a co-founder of Business Momentum. He coaches business leaders and teams to develop organisations where people are engaged, fulfilled and deliver exceptional results. He is supported by a team of coaches and consultants who have a track record of success working with senior leaders and team across a range of sectors.

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