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What change will you lead in 2018?


New year, a time to look back and to look forward. When I look back on 2017, a highlight was a visit to Venice to celebrate my partner’s birthday. Like millions of others, we were attracted by the beauty, romance and splendour of this city of marble palaces, built on a lagoon. Its growth was sustained over many centuries by its ingenuous and resourceful leaders. Yet it is an image of neon tubes that we discovered on our trip that I want to share with you as a source of inspiration for the year ahead.

Changing Place, Changing Time, Changing Thoughts, Changing Future.

In the garden of the Guggenheim Museum in Venice, we found Maurizio Nannucci’s 2003 artwork. As you read these words, what impact do they have on you? What impact will they have on your team? Inspiring or daunting? Threatening or empowering? This artwork brings to our attention that we can merely react to change or choose to proactively influence it. So in the year ahead, how will you lead a change in thinking to create a future that is more successful and fulfilling? And remember, some of the best sources of inspiration are found in unexpected places!




Image: Maurizio Nannucci Changing Place, Changing Time, Changing Thoughts, Changing Future, 2003 on display in Guggenheim, Venice. All Rights Reserved.

John Drysdale

John Drysdale

John is a co-founder of Business Momentum. He coaches business leaders and teams to develop organisations where people are engaged, fulfilled and deliver exceptional results. He is supported by a team of coaches and consultants who have a track record of success working with senior leaders and team across a range of sectors.

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