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Leading post-merger integration to grow business by 50%

"Working with John Drysdale of Business Momentum enabled us to combine the talents of colleagues from different companies with their own distinctive cultures into a cohesive and highly effective organisation. The foundations we built have enabled us to increase market share and sustain growth of 50% over the last two years."

Steve McCaffery, President, International Business Operations, Arris

Post Merger Integration Growth

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The Challenge

We worked with the leadership team of Arris International to help them integrate a major acquisition which broadened its product portfolio and increased its global footprint.

A world leader in entertainment technology, Arris acquired Pace, a UK video technology company. To strengthen focus on international growth, the company established a new International Business Organisation, bringing together businesses from Latin America, EMEA, APAC and Canada.

Whereas these businesses had previously reported to Corporate HQ in the US, they now reported to an international organisation based in Europe. The challenge for this leadership team was to develop an organisation to drive international growth whilst integrating the Pace business.

Individual team members came with successful track records. They all had new roles but they were not yet aligned on what needed to change. Although the cultures and markets of the International Business were very diverse, they needed to work together on common challenges, to realise the potential for international revenue growth.

It became clear that simply extending the leadership team and involving new members in the established processes and meetings wouldn't be enough.

What did we do?

Through a combination of stakeholder interviews, team workshops and 1:1 coaching, we helped the new International Leadership Team create their foundations for sustainable high performance.

Looking out and looking in

We helped them do this, firstly by "looking outside" the team to gain a shared understanding of what they needed to do to build and sustain a reputation for success with customers, partners, employees, investors and other stakeholders.

Then we coached the team to "look-in", clearly defining responsibilities and recognising how they can leverage the strengths of all team members. They committed to expectations of how they will lead and work together. They clarified what they will take pride in as a team, translating their shared identity into results by holding each other accountable.


Building on these foundations enabled them to increase employee engagement and collaboration across the organisation.

But that wasn’t all

Improvement in business performance has been exceptional. International revenue has grown by 50% over two years increasing the proportion of total company revenue represented by International Business from 34% to 43%.

Key to the success of this program was shifting the conversations between team members which changed the way they worked together, leading to exceptional improvements in performance.

Team members commented:

"It's so valuable to take time out of a hectic schedule to stand back, reflect and understand our common challenges and how we can work together to meet them"

"These workshops enable us to have a deeper shared understanding of our challenges and avoid the pitfalls of jumping too quickly to solutions"

Leading UK business growth in excess of 300% over 3 years

As a result of my leadership coaching programme with Business Momentum, I am much more aware of my impact on my team, on the wider organisation and am much better equipped to lead a business through challenging times.

MD, UK, Global Technology Business
Business meeting in a modern office

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The Challenge

Our client was the newly appointed UK MD of a Global Technology company. Revenue and profitability were flat and they were losing market share to competitors who were providing more integrated customer solutions. Recent changes in leadership had damaged morale and key members of staff had left.

What did we do?

A 12 months programme of 1:1 leadership coaching to develop the MD’s capability to revitalise the business by: increasing customer focus; restoring a sense of pride; creating a strong team identity and fully engaging them in delivering a new business strategy.

We began by surveying colleagues about their experience of working with our client and exploring how his values shaped his approach to leadership. We identified how they were a source of strength and how they could create “blind spots’ that limited his effectiveness. A confident, charismatic speaker he could overwhelm colleagues and at times, fail to take them with him. A key focus of our work was increasing his awareness of his impact and adjusting his style according to his audience. We built a “Leadership Dashboard” clarifying the outcomes he needed to prioritise to turn the business around. We focussed on developing the leadership capabilities to achieve these outcomes.


360 Feedback received by our client a year after completion of the programme showed that he was: providing clearer direction to his people; more responsive to feedback and more flexible in his leadership style. Employee climate survey ratings were up 50%. In each of the 2 years following this programme, the UK business achieved revenue growth in excess of 100%. In 3 years the business had grown by over 300% and profit targets were exceeded in each of those years.

Engaging employees, satisfying customers, sustaining rapid growth

"I matured as a leader during the time that I worked with my Business Momentum Coach. Colleagues commented they experienced me as a lot more measured in my approach to planning and strategy as well as in my relationships with my team without losing any of the decisiveness critical to success in this environment."

SVP, EMEA, Technology Company

Employee Engagement London

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The Challenge

Our client had recently joined a PE-backed global software company as SVP for EMEA. His previous role had been Sales Director and he now had general management responsibility within a matrix for the full range of business functions. Revenue growth was already in excess of 50% per annum and targets were accelerating as the company prepared for IPO. The challenge was to lead a business that was growing in scale and complexity whilst sustaining high standards of customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

What did we do?

A programme of leadership coaching. We surveyed colleagues and used the Hogan Suite of Assessments to raise awareness of his strengths, motivators and potential derailers. Our client was highly driven and we focused on developing a more flexible approach to effectively lead a more diverse team within a matrix. Having identified how he needed to lead differently, the challenge was to sustain the right approach whilst under pressure to deliver high performance. Mindfulness techniques helped him raise his awareness of how specific challenges were impacting him and how best to respond. Our client’s manager was engaged in the programme and as it was a very fast moving environment, we did three-way reviews every three months.


A leader who became more aware of his impact and whose inner confidence grew as he recognised how he created the conditions for others to succeed. Developed leadership capability to build a culture that attracted and retained the talent to expand the business across the region, whilst delivering exceptional customer service. When we took 360 feedback on completion of the assignment, employees commented favourably on increased involvement in decision making, career development and feeling able to challenge upwards. Revenue growth in excess of 60% was sustained across EMEA contributing to the foundation for a highly successful IPO with valuations that greatly exceeded expectations.

Doubling shareholder value through organisation transformation

"We initially surfaced conflict  about the reasons for organisation dysfunction. Team members’ own departments were their true identities. We developed shared responsibility for implementing changes across the whole organisation. Now they are increasingly taking on cross company responsibilities beyond our own functions. A year on we know this is a high performance leadership team and we continue to set high standards for ourselves and our colleagues."

CEO, IT Services Company

Leadership Team Coaching London

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The Challenge

Investors in a leading UK IT Services company had appointed a new CEO with the aim of profitably growing the business by realising potential in the market for Cloud services. Customer churn was increasing, growth had stalled, profit margins were minimal. A dysfunctional senior team was not in a position to lead the organization restructuring and shift the way they did business with customers, partners and suppliers that was necessary to achieve the ambitions the investors and new CEO had for the company. Lack of trust at senior level was mirrored across the organization. The senior team needed to change the way they worked together to enable them to address their business priorities.

What did we do?

We worked with the leadership team and senior managers to redesign the sales and delivery organisation,  helping them to transform the culture of their company. Initially, through focused interviews, survey tools and workshops we facilitated open conversations that helped create  shared understanding of what wasn't working across the organisation and why.

We then designed a new structure that:

  • Eliminated duplication
  • Clarified accountabilities and responsibilities
  • Simplified interfaces
  • Grouped roles around customers
  • Streamlined management structure and reporting

Individual and team coaching then helped create alignment around ambitions for the organisation and their leadership agenda prioritising business challenges and opportunities.

Their leadership agenda provided the focus to explore and commit to working and leading together in a more collaborative way, acting as role models for the change required to deliver sustainable success.


An aligned executive team recognized by staff and customers for leading a culture change which has transformed their experience of working with the company. Change was achieved through executive team members role modelling the changes required and by engaging colleagues across the organization in strategic initiatives to transform the culture.

Service delivery capability was doubled through process automation without any need to increase headcount.

In the year after we started working with this company, in a tough market, sales increased by 16%, profit by 18% , customer satisfaction soared, reflected in doubling Net Promoter Score to 3 times the industry average. Improvements in business performance were sustained and two years later the value of the company had more than doubled.

Building the foundations for global success

"The rigour of John Drysdale's approach as a facilitator and his flexibility to adapt and respond to team dynamics as they evolved in front of him, was hugely influential in shaping our future success."

SVP, Global Financial Services

Global Business Success

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The Challenge

The UK CEO of a Financial Services Business had recently been promoted to lead the business globally. Each region was operating independently. Newer businesses in regional markets with high potential were underperforming due to lack of market presence, expertise or resources.  The challenge now was to build commitment across the group to work together to realise the global potential of the business, with the goal of doubling revenue over a three year period.

What did we do?

We designed and delivered a programme combining Leadership Team Effectiveness and individual Leadership Coaching. The programme began with a two day Foundation Workshop for the whole group in which they committed to shared goals for the global business and identified how they could best work together to achieve these .The group went beyond discussions about tasks and content to create the foundations for sustaining progress. There was therefore a strong focus on building mutual trust and confidence to strengthen relationships. Team workshops were complemented by coaching for individual regional heads.


After 12 months the global business is on track to hit the goal of doubling revenue over three years. The increase in effectiveness of the global leadership team has been a major factor in this success, including: A greater flow of information across the team as a matter of course rather than on request e.g shared access to global databases; Fortnightly conference calls focusing on common opportunities and challenges; Quadrupling of joint proposals to global clients; Extensive sharing of resource with secondment of staff from Europe to South America and Asia Pacific.

Key to the success of this programme was an approach that brought together a pragmatic group of business leaders to build trust and confidence in each other as they worked on the real-time challenges and opportunities they faced in their business at regional and global levels.

Engaging employees to transform a business

"The OD Team exceeded all expectations. We flawlessly implemented the biggest change programme this company has ever taken on whilst we increased performance at the same time."

CEO, UK, IT Services Company

Employee Engagement Transformation

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The Challenge

A leading UK IT Services company had appointed a new CEO with the aim of profitably growing the business by realising potential in the market for Cloud services. Business Momentum had provided a rigorous approach and O.D. best practice to facilitate the development of a new organisation model which was capable of doubling service delivery capacity at minimal increase in cost. To realise the benefits of investing in the new organisation, they needed to shift the way they did business with customers, partners and suppliers. No-one, apart from the CEO, had experience of implementing such radical and far reaching organisation change. There was a huge gap between the CEOs’ expectations and what most managers felt they could deliver.

What did we do?

Business Momentum worked with the O.D. Team, made up of Directors and Senior Managers, to develop the processes and capabilities to facilitate the changes required. We delivered a modular programme of workshops and coaching in which they worked on “real time” challenges that they faced in leading and supporting the implementation of the new organisation. We also trained a team of internal facilitators and worked closely with them and the CEO to run a highly interactive Employee Engagement Programme. Workshops were attended by all employees where they translated the Company’s values into action, shaping how they would shift the way they worked together and with customers, partners and suppliers.


A team of directors and managers were equipped with skills and processes which they used to help transform the company’s performance. In the year following the programme, revenue increased by 16% and profit by over 18%. The Net Promoter customer satisfaction score more than double with a rating more than 3 times the industry average.

Leading the turnaround of a specialist global digital publication

"Working with my Business Momentum coach was a powerful turning point in my development as a leader. He raised my own awareness of my strengths, weaknesses, values, preferences and the impact I have on others. He then helped me develop the skills to create an environment that enabled people to be at their best and meet the challenges we faced as a business."

CEO, Global Digital Publication

Business Turnaround Specialist

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The Challenge

Our client was the CEO of the digital version of a highly prestigious specialist global publication. He personally held editorial and P&L responsibility for the digital version of the publication. Digital subscriptions and print circulation were falling whilst on line readership of rival publications was growing. The CEO needed to build commitment across the organisation to his vision for a successful digital publication. This required winning hearts and minds in an organisation with a proud heritage and global reputation.

What did we do ?

A programme of Leadership Coaching. The priority was on engaging and aligning team members to deliver the changes in technology, people and processes to bring the digital vision to fruition. Major shifts in culture were required. Our client’s approach had been creating high levels of tension and encountering resistance from colleagues. We coached him to develop strategic influencing skills and put less emphasis on winning the intellectual argument. He learned to accept the need to take time to engage colleagues rather than pushing ahead in frustration and generating more resistance.


Following our programme the performance of the Digital business was turned around. In the following two years digital subscriptions had passed print, achieving rapid above-market growth. The leadership provided by our client facilitated greater collaboration across departments and created the conditions for integrating the print and digital businesses. This in turn led to increased reader satisfaction and profitability

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