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London Executive & Team Coaching
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Built around you and your team.

What we do together depends on the particular challenges you face, the results you are aiming for and where you are starting from. Here is a summary of the services we provide.

Global Business Success

Executive Coaching

Growing the capability of individual executives to perform leadership roles with greater responsibility and increased complexity, whilst enhancing their own and their colleagues' well being and fulfilment.

We coach talented executives facing new leadership challenges such as a new role, increased responsibilities, transition from functional leader to general manager or leading major change.

We coach you to Look in and Look out. Looking in to your own values and motivation, then Looking out to consider how these influence your behaviour and impact. Challenging assumptions, encouraging creativity to grow your capabilities to lead in an increasingly complex, uncertain and ambiguous world.

Business leaders who work with us consistently exceed stakeholders' expectations. They demonstrate their ability to lead organisations that deliver exceptional results. They feedback that they have more sustainable energy levels and a stronger sense of well being and fulfilment.

"I gained a deeper appreciation of my own strengths and weaknesses and developed new leadership capabilities. The benefits have been evident, for the businesses in which I have worked, the people I have worked with and for me personally."

Head of Corporate Finance, KPMG

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leadership team effectiveness

Leadership Team Effectiveness

We work with leaders who have bold ambitions for their businesses and recognise the need to raise the performance of their leadership team.

We coach teams to Look in and Look out. Looking in, becoming aware of their culture, their shared values, appreciating the team's strengths. Then Looking out, building a strong shared understanding of the impact they need to make with key stakeholders and a mutual sense of pride about what makes them and their organisation distinctive. We then coach them to translate their shared identity and commitment into results to consistently exceed stakeholders' expectations. 

"We initially surfaced a good deal of disharmony and the Executive Team was only seen by members as a place to get resources. Team members' own departments were their identities. Now they are increasingly taking on cross-company responsibilities beyond their own functions. A year on we know this is a high-performance leadership team and we continue to set high standards for ourselves and our colleagues."

CEO, IT Services Company

Organisation Effectiveness

We work with Business Leaders to create a cohesive, collaborative organisation.

We start by helping them gain a shared understanding of the critical challenges they face as a business. Then translate their business strategy into organisational changes that deliver business benefits and results, where employees are engaged and have opportunities for growth and development.

Our approach builds awareness of the specific organisation changes required to increase effectiveness and performance. We then work closely with them to design changes in roles, decision processes, structure, capabilities and management organisation, ensuring their alignment.

We partner with business leaders to generate commitment to lead and implement the changes effectively.

Clients develop new ways of thinking and working that enable them to realise the potential of their people and organisation. We challenge and support them to change the conversations in their organisation to shift how they work and lead together.  

"The foundations we built working with Business Momentum enabled us to increase market share and sustain growth of 50% over the last two years."

Steve McCaffery, President, International Business Operations

Post Merger Integration
Employee Engagement London

Employee Engagement

To fulfil your aspirations for your business, you need to win the hearts and minds of employees. Engagement is about pride and passion in your work. It drives discretionary effort and performance. When your people are engaged they are highly enthusiastic and committed. But most employees are not engaged. In recent surveys, the global figure is 13%, UK less than 20% and in the US just over 30%.

We work with leaders to develop high levels of employee engagement which enables the company to achieve and sustain a reputation with all stakeholders, for success. Central to our approach is creating a shared sense of pride in the company, building on strengths and committing to clear expectations with colleagues and customers about how they work together. Our approach develops the capability and commitment of leaders and managers to create the conditions across the business in which employees are fully engaged.

"Working with Business Momentum, the OD Team exceeded all expectations. We flawlessly implemented the biggest change programme this company has ever taken on whilst we increased performance at the same time."

CEO, UK, IT Services

“Business Momentum enabled us to combine the talents of colleagues from different companies with their own distinctive cultures into a cohesive and highly effective organisation. ”

 — Steve McCaffery, President, International Business Operations

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